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Ultra thick and glossy brown slime with jumbo foam beads!! Smells just like rich milk chocolate, you will instantly fall in love with this slime.

5oz comes with approx 2-3 balls

8oz comes with approx 3-5 balls


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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
thiccy queen

this slime was so thicc and glossy. smelled EXACTLY like chocolate


Would have really liked a malted milkball scent but the chocolate was still nice. My 8oz had 5 balls which seemed perfect. Enough for texture and added bubble pops but don't get in the way of the actual slime. Very nice thick and glossy base.

Super stretchy!

So i ordered a 5 oz and received 4 foam balls which was great but the actual quantity of the slime was pretty less ngl. The slime isn't the thickest, but it is super glossy and creamy. It is super stretchy and omg smells just like milk chocolate! I wish i got less foam beads and more slime❤😂

best slime ever

idk what everyone is talking about that its not that stretchy. it is suuper stretchy! this is the best slime i have ever purchased and i have gotten a lot of slime the smell is amazing the only downside is the big balls kinda hurt my acrylic nails so sometimes i take them out, but the slime itself is amazing and im sure it would be even better if i didnt have these nails lol BUY THIS SLIME HES RIGHT ABOUT HOW U WONT REGRET IT

Fun slime

I was surprised by how much I enjoy this slime. M mine had 6 foam balls which was the perfect amount to create a crunchy texture at the top when left and lots of bubble pops while playing with it. The scent is a pretty simple chocolate smell but still a good one. The base was very very glossy and stretchy.

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