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shamrock shake memoryDOUGH

limited edition memoryDOUGH slime! Scented with a blend of spearmint, vanilla,and buttercream, smells just like the real milkshake from McDonald's!

memoryDOUGH is our exclusive slime texture- unique textured clay slime that keeps it shape, just like memory foam!! Our memeoryDOUGH clay slimes is one of our bestselling textures, so smooth and relaxing & gets super sizzley when inflated! Also, memoryDOUGH slimes are perfect for slime beginners, since it's super holdable and not sticky!


Customer Reviews

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Maya Vaknin
Scent is amazing!

The scent of this slime is amazing!!! Texture is great as well :)

Ariana Joel

Honestly I’m not that impressed. I was really looking forward to the scent, and this smelled like dish soap when I got it. It also got hard and rubbery after a couple days. Do not recommend.

Very Soft, Somewhat Moist

It is very smooth and soft. Mine gets gets a little moisture barrier on the outside, but it goes away almost instantly. Not sticky at all. The smell is nice - more mint chocolate than Shamrock Shake.

Erin Keneston
MY First memory dough

Weird texture. Almost half putty half slime? No residue at all. Great scent.

So soft!

So I initially had a problem with my order because they scent me Andes Mint Cream instead of this one by mistake. Dopeslimes has awesome customer service though and responded quickly and scent me the correct slime.
As for the slime, I love dopeslimes MemoryDough texture. It's so so soft,thick and holdable. If you poke it the pokes stay for quite a while hence the name MemoryDough. It's great for stretching, poking and squishing. The color of this slime is super pretty too. The only thing I was disappointed about was the scent. This one smells exactly like the Andes Mint Cream, it's just a different texture. I love both textures but I definitely expected this one to smell more like a mint shake than it does. It's not horrible but the scent is on the stronger side and does give me a headache if I play with it for too long. It's easy to see how one of the slimes were mistaken for the other because they are so similar.


The memory dough texture is amazing


It has a really smooth texture, but the smell isn’t that good. It diens