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Patrick's Gummy

Ultra neon pink thick + glossy slime! Inspired by our favorite Spongbob character, Patrick! The color on this one is so neon pink & bright, smells just like gummy bears & comes with a patrick charm! Makes amazing bubble pops and smells amazing.



Customer Reviews

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Jane Doe

This slime has a nice and thick texture. If your thinking of getting this slime then get it! It is so worth it.

Katie Mendez
Wonderful Slime

I like the simplicity of this slime very much, thick and glossy slimes are so fun and satisfying and this did not disappoint! Wonderful scent as well.

Stacey Laschen
I liked it at first but then, it got hard.

I bought this slime a month or so ago and it was sticky when I got it, then I activated it with the borax included. Then after a while it started to rip, and get very hard. Not to mention it deflated A TON! I am very sad about this and the scent from the start was very VERY strong, but I KINDA liked it. Although, I did like the candy that he/she ( don’t know what gender dope slimes is.) gave in the packaging. I will still be ordering from dopes slimes soon, but I hope that the next slimes that I will buy will not turn hard so soon. ( Also, if dope slimes is reading this , which I don’t think they are. But if they are I don’t know if you can do this but could you tell me how long it will take for my next slimes to come?) Thank you for reading this long review!

Patrick Gummy Smells Super Yummy 😋

Patrick Gummy smells so realistically yummy and it does smell like the real thing! In addition, it also came with the cutest little charm of Patrick wearing a little red bow tie! How adorable! I love how the texture feels in my hands while playing with it and can definitely tell just by the quality of how much thought and time really goes into their work. I would recommend ordering from DopeSlimes if this is your first time ever purchasing slime online. When it was my first time ordering and wasn't sure which slime shop to purchase from since there's so many to choose from. Therefore, I just googled "best slimes to purchase" and came across DopeSlimes and have been very satisfied with them ever since. This was my third purchase and will be ordering more in the near future! Shipping and receiving my package was quick and also appreciated their new packaging as well! They put my slimes in a nice box and has their logo name on it which I thought was very professional looking! Give their slime a try and trust me, you will not regret it! You'll love them just like I do! Thanks DopeSlimes for making such awesome and playful slime! Keep up the great work!



Pretty Good

The slime is super fun to play with. I love the scent and it makes amazing bubbles! The only problem is that it is very sticky, but other than that it is a great slime.

Angelina Parrino
Great Neon Pink slime!

The slime was super stretchy and had a froot loops cereal scent. It was also very clicky and made amazing bubble pops. The charm was so cute and added so much to the slimes. Would highly recommend!