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Mint Chip Buttercream

mint chip buttercream is a ultra soft butter slime scented like oreo, chocolate, & mint!🤤 smells amazing and topped with tons of mint-choco themed sprinkles!



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Bree B
Minty Fun!

Fresh minty & chocolate smell. Cute sprinkles are a fun add-in with the soft creamy slime.

Karrah Klinger
Very smooth! But a bit sticky...

When the slime arrived, it was packaged very well and included a small helping of Twizzlers. Activator (powder borax to mix with water) and directions for maintenance were included. The texture was nice- smooth and stretchy- Unfortunately, it was difficult to hold right out of the box and kept sticking to my hands. I assumed it was softened by shipping, so I added a drop of activator- it helped a little, but now the slime would sometimes tear if it was folded over itself and stretched quickly and repeatedly, so I didn't add more activator even though it was still a little sticky. The sprinkles are very subtle and add a slight lumpiness to the slime, which is nice. The smell was a little too strong at first- I had the same situation with my first slime from this shop, but I think this might be intentional. The scent faded slightly and became very pleasant after the first three days. All in all, I'm happy with the slime- the 5oz helping is a very comfortable and portable size.
TLDR: The slime is slightly sticky even after activation, but smells nice and is a smooth and stretchy texture.
Would I recommend this to slime lovers? If you don't mind a slime that's a little hard to hold, and are in it for the looks, smells, and feelings, yes! If the stickiness would bother you, consider a different texture...

Connie Taylor
Smells nice

My granddaughters will love these. They have a pleasant smell and feel really creamy

Jaimie Kibbee

Really creamy and smooth. Smells exactly like Mint Chocolate Ice cream. Exactly everything a butter slime should be!

Brooklyn Cresap


Ireland Riley

Smells so good! just like mint icecream I'm craving some now- it has a nice creamy spreadable texture but its slightly overactivated so it does rip a little but besides that its great