Melted M&M's Sundae

Super fun cloud cream with clay swirled with ultra thick + glossy brown slime! such a soft, holdable, addicting texture‚ÄĒ plus it looks just like real icecreamūüėć scented just like a chocolate sundae and topped with the cuties sprinkles + character charms!

5oz comes with 1 character charm

8oz comes with 2 character charms


Customer Reviews

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Jorge Calderon
So so.

It doesn't look like the picture at all. It's a good texture, it has a little bit of fallout but.. I was disappointed for the slime because it didn't look like the ad. Althought, the scent it's really good! <3

Rose Ann Hamilton

The kids love it

Jenna Guilyard
Love it

The slime isn’t to sticky it’s just right I love it

Valerie R.
Neat, but not my favorite.

I wanted to like this slime a lot more, as most DopeSlimes I absolutely adore. It may have been travel that caused some issues or maybe I was personally put off by the combination of different slime textures. The smell was good, but I do wish I'd gotten at least 2 of the M&M charms (perhaps in the 8oz size you get 2).

Liz S
Finally got my hands on this!

I have been waiting for this slime forever. I asked to be emailed when it was back in stock and the second it was back I had to snatch it up. I mean look at it how could I not? I'm not disappointed! It's exactly like playing with a soft serve sundae, the texture is perfect. Looking at it you'd definitely think it's ice cream. I love the add ins and it smells like chocolate syrup :)

Another favorite

My only complaint was in the description it says it’s supposed to come with two character charms.. mine only had one.
Love the smell and texture.

Athena Andree
Great quality

I love this slime because it smells just like a sundae and the texture is very nice! I highly recommend this slime!