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Melted M&M's Sundae

Super fun cloud cream with clay swirled with ultra thick + glossy brown slime! such a soft, holdable, addicting texture— plus it looks just like real icecream😍 scented just like a chocolate sundae and topped with the cuties sprinkles + character charms!

5oz comes with 1 character charm

8oz comes with 2 character charms


Customer Reviews

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Another favorite

My only complaint was in the description it says it’s supposed to come with two character charms.. mine only had one.
Love the smell and texture.

Athena Andree
Great quality

I love this slime because it smells just like a sundae and the texture is very nice! I highly recommend this slime!

sooooooooooo amazing

first of all the slime just looked amazing and second of all i am one of those people who sense i'm allergic to chococlate the smell of it makes me nauses this slime smells amazing does not make me nauses at all i love it so much and the texture unbelievable so nice when i am doing my schoolwork you have to get this slime when it comes back into stock :)

Really good slime

This slime smells amazing. It looks so beautiful it hurts to ruin it! But it's worth it because it has an even better texture. I bought the 5 Oz and received 2 character charms instead of 1 which made me really really happy. This is one of my favorite slimes so far. I highly recommend as a gift for a child, they will love it! Just make sure they are old enough to play with it because you will be tempted to eat it.

Another of my favorite

Love love the m&m charms. This slime is one that is fun to play with and stretch. I find myself playing and stretching my slimes for hours. After stretching for long periods it seems to get stiff but is all good when you go to play it again. Like I said I can play with it for hours that may be why it gets stiff. The smell is so yummy.

It’s really good

I loved the slime when I first got it but then it got really hard after about two days of playing. Although it’s a great holdable slime I recommend it!!!!!


This slime has a delicious chocolate smell. I have had to resist tasting the “chocolate sprinkles” mix-ins. Fun texture and cute charms.