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Magical Wonderland

Mickey inspired half floam— filled with jumbo marshmallow beads and pastel foam beads to give it a satisfying, crunchy texture. Light pink base & topped with the cutest rainbow sprinkles & a charm! Scented a magical blend of fruity cereal, vanilla, and candy.



Customer Reviews

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Amber K.
Unique texture, sweet scent.

This slime is pretty cool! With all the mix ins of different size, shape and texture, it’s really interesting to hold and look at. It is slightly sticky but that’s a necessity to hold in all the mix-ins, but it’s not so sticky that it’s uncomfortable to play with. We’ve had no problems with anything popping or falling out of this slime. We haven’t noticed any bits residue being left on our hands after playing either. Heads up the charm we received is different, it looks like a candy twist not the Mickey one, so if you’re only order for that charm double check that it will be included. The candy charm we received really holds onto the slime and doesn’t come out cleanly which sometimes annoys my daughter who likes to pull out charms perfectly clean so they’re not in the slime at all times. As for the scent this reminds me of a sugary/sweet breakfast cereal that’s soaked in milk for a while. It’s nothing strong or overpowering, but is a noticeable sweet aroma that honestly is a little nostalgic for me. Overall from my Dopeslime addicted family we agree, this slime is super fun, has interesting texture, a sweet, nice smell and is great for anyone with a little slime experience, it might be slightly too sticky for beginners or really young kids.

Sooo cute!!!

My favorite out of the two i ordered for my daughter! The mickey mouse charm definitely ties it all together!

Vera Piersol

It is a really good slime! But it is a different color in the picture


This slime is amazing my daughter loves it she is addicted to dope slimes this one is a must have fluffy and smells amazing

Chris Johnson
Love it

Great scent and texture. Good stretch as well

Not A Disney Fan But a Fan Of Fake Marshmallow

I bought this slime because I really love slimes with the fake marshmallows. I love the air these inclusions allow into the slime and it makes amazing crunching and popping sounds. The smell was light and not overly sweet.

Alenia Campbell
My favorite

Love the smell and texture, love it’s Disney inspired