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Juicee Fruit Jellee

Super vibrant yellow jelly slime - y’all this one smells EXACTLY like juicy fruit bubblegum it’s almost scary! Super juicy and addicting jelly texture and a beautiful neon yellow color! Inflates a ton and has amazing bubble pops, plus the scent is super accurate & addicting!


Customer Reviews

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Great smell!

The scent is dead on! I will say the texture is a bit tougher than others I've tried from this company so I've had to warm it a bit whenever I use it. It's also more opaque than I was expecting. It's not a clear yellow. Other than that, I've really enjoyed this one!

Amber Koziara
It’s like playing with Juicy Fruit Gum!

The second we opened this slime it was like I was chewing some juicy fruit! The smell is so accurate it’s almost spooky! This thick and dense slime makes amazing pops and snaps and is so satisfying to play with! If it’s cold and has sat awhile, it might break while you first play with it and not stretch as much, but as it warms up it gets much stretchier. The color is so pretty, a strong yellow with almost a subtly shimmery yellow combined. Its just slime, no charms or mix ins but because of the texture and the jiggly dense feel it’s super satisfying to play with. As an adult who loved juicy fruit as a child I loved this slime this one holds a sweet spot in my nostalgic heart. My kids who never experienced juicy fruit gum, thought the smell was a little too sweet and overpowering, but they still enjoyed the texture. Overall, this is a fun one and out of our huge Dopeslime collection is played with pretty regularly.

Stephanie Arters
Puffy jelly slime

This slime is one of my go to slimes when I’m watching tv. It’s puffy and juicy and smells great. I’ve had it a month and it has stayed like new with everyday play.

. .
ok :/

this is not what I expected I thought it would be a little less hard. I wish it was a little more stretchy and had didn't dry out that quickly.
Either than that it was a good slime it had a good crack

Not very juicy fruity

My least favorite of what I ordered. I personally don't think it smells like juicy fruit, also not a fan of this texture. Or just this one in particular. It kept breaking while I was playing with it, just not a fan.

The smell is AMAZING!

Seriously, get this one for the smell alone. It has the perfect consistency to boot!

Tiffany Favilla
LOVE everything about this one!

The texture is amazing! I love the popping and cracking sound you can get by manipulating this one! The smell is almost too good, want to pop it in my mouth like a piece of gum Lol! Keep making these DOPEslimes!