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Halloween Loot Crate


OUR 2020 HALLOWEEN SLIME BOX IS HERE! perfect Halloween surprise for a slime lover you know, or to treat youself! Includes 6 slimes (+1 free spooky 5oz) for one great price!

what’s inside?

• Exclusive Halloween goodie bag - comes with Halloween candies + stickers + other extras!🤩

• Dracula’s Krispies 😈 (8oz) - thick and glossy color changing white glue slushee! Due to the dye I used to make this, this has a super cool color changing effect!🤩 when you let it sit, it changes to a soft, pastel purple color and then mixes into a stunning vibrant purple! The texture on this one is to die for, packed with beads, no fallout & scented just like blueberry muffins— smells SO good!

• Spooky Milk 👻 (8oz) - ultra glossy and thick black / white slime, will come unmixed and smells just like Cookies & Cream Oreos!! Insanely think and gets super bubbly, topped with a cute googly eye has the perfect thick & glossy texture!

• Pumpkin Pie Dream (8oz) - duo-colored cloud slime scented just like pumpkin pie! topped with brown glitter & has amazing drizzles 🥰

• Haunted House memoryDOUGH (8oz) - Swirled purple and yellow memoryDOUGH slime! Our customer favorite texture, super pretty color combination to mix! Scented like Grape Cotton Candy (smells amazing) and topped with a Haunted House Charm and moon glitters!

• Jack O' Lantern🎃 (5oz) - Orange clear base slime, super clear and has jumbo jack'o'lantern pearls + packed with bingsu beads to add the crunchies texture!

• Toxic Waste ☣️ (5oz) - Neon green ultra clear slime-- super thick texture & beautiful color- Topped with an eyeball + 2 bone charms! Unscented to preserve clarity.

• + random SPOOKY👻 free 5oz slime (for free 5oz on orders over $30, not pictured)

only a limited quantity available, and once it’s gone- it’s gone, so make sure to grab one before it’s out!💙

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Loved it!

Such a fun thing to unbox! I loved every slime and the smells we amazing! I’m definitely going to need a Christmas version!

This is my favorite loot ever

I love that all of these are exclusive to the crate and that’s exactly why I got it. The pumpkin is my favorite followed with the spooky milk. I’m in love with this one and I’m so glad I got to try it before it sold out.

Halloween Loot Crate

I love the slimes! The Dracula's Krispies is my fave & smells great! I like the different textures that they each have.

Lisa Westerbeck


Alicia Accapezzato

Lots of goodies! The toxic green is amazing and so is the black and white one. The goodies are a nice treat too. The pumpkin was a bit full but everything else is great

Best Slimes !!

I haven't opened all of them, but the all ones I've opened have great textures and smells. Dracula's Krispes is my favorite! Some slimes inflate, so it's good to keep an empty sealed container to put overflowing slime.


Bought this product very happy!