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Dirt n’ Worms

Based off the yummy desert, this is a crunchy dirt brown snow fizz lawyered with ultra inflating butter slime! Once mixing, this creates an ultra inflating crunchy butter slime texture— definitely a unique and fun texture!

Comes with a bag of fake chocolate chunks and a handmade gummy worm charm (random color(s))

Scented Oreo + Chocolate!

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dirt n’ worms🐛 this baby is back & better than ever!! i had to get new molds to make the gummy worm charms since the others got destroyed from a bad batch of resin. i miss this slime sm, the scent and the toppings + handmade charm is so cute🥺 layered snow fizz + butter slime— a small layer of dark brown snow fizz on the bottom with super soft and clay heavy butter slime on the top mixes into an ultra addicting butter snow fizz! inflates a ton, super sizzley texture that you won’t be able to put down— especially with the scent!! y’all this scent is 🔥🔥🥵 it’s a mixture of oreo and hot fudge + chocolate scents and it’s amazing. comes w a bag of sprinkles to top yourself + a neon gummy worm charm! just put this in stock today, go check it out & snatch— you won’t regret it😏 link in bio or DOPESLIMES.COM 💙 —— 🤩SLIME SHOP ALWAYS IN STOCK 🔹low prices, fast shipping! 🔹award winning slime, huge selection! DOPESLIMES.COM —— ✨next restock: TBD. —— 🔥follow my other accounts! @dopeputty @dopeslimesupplies —— tags: #slime and #satisfying for #dopeslimes on #amazon plus #shopify the #slimevideo in #asmr fire #satisfyingvideos get #slimes

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Customer Reviews

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it was absolutely amazzzzzzing. the texture was great. i loved everything about it. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!

Love it, Diy

Love this slime!!!!! A must have. Definitely recommend. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Amazing thought the charm was slime

Best choice ever!

This is the best butter slime I have ever touched! It is absolutely the best. If you are looking for a slime that is not sticky, and holdable this is the one! The smell is great, and the texture is fantastic!

Smells amazing

The scent and texture of this slime is out of this world, and I just can't put it down! The only problem that I've found with this slime is that it hardened up within a day, and the fake snow started to fall out. Once I added some lotion, this resolved the problem, but it just keeps hardening up, and I have to keep adding lotion. this is not much of an issue for me though. This slime is amazing, and I definitely recommend!

Chocolate scent is amazing

Smells delish and amazing unique texture

April B

Smells good & has a bit of a crunchy feeling from the "dirt" at the bottom + the little brown sprinkle things & it has a chocolatey smell