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Cookies N' Supreme DIY

My personal all time favorite DIY clay slime! Inspired by the Supreme x Oreo colab cookie — this comes with a everything you need to make a slime Supreme Oreo. Once mixed it turns into a light pink super soft and inflating butter slime! What's included:

  • 8oz thick and glossy base slime - Scented just like oreos
  • Top and bottom clay pieces
  • 32oz container for storage

Limited edition slime - only 40 will ever be made!5 random orders will come with a 3-pack of Oreo Supreme cookies.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Christopher Mitchell

Very happy I was fast enough to snag one of these because it was great and I wish I could have another!


This is so so so good the texture, the inflation, everything omgg i love!!! Please make more like this!!

Val Neel
Smells great

This slime smells great. Lots of fun to play with. A little pricey but great product.

Nicole H
Very cool

Very cool slime. I will say I was a little disappointed that since the clay was wrapped in the wrapping paper, the wrapping paper melted and stuck to the clay. So unfortunately the wrapping paper wasn’t great, and I had to to pick the paper out of my clay first.
Otherwise awesome great inflate, cool smell very fun

Jacob Grommet

Didn’t get a pack of Oreos, but the slime was phenomenal!! Smelled great, and it was soooo cool doing this myself

Amy Showers
My first DIY slime

This was my first DIY slime, and one of the first slime's I have played with ever. It was great fun, the white part was a little too sticky I added activator but it still remained sticky, but then I added the clay and what a difference that made. Great texture defiantly great for my first time ever with slime like this.

Supreme slime

Absolutely amazing. The smell is on point. You go from an 8oz slime to almost a 20 oz slime well worth the money. Amazing texture and very fast shipping. My only issue was the paper was stuck to the bottom of the cookie but everything else was amazing.