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Cheese Fizz

this snow fizz slime is incredible - prolly one of the best ones i’ve made! super sizzley and has such a satisfying texture and makes the best asmr🤩 topped with a lit cheetos bag charm and has the brightest neon orange color! scented honey butter rolls, a sweet yet sort of savory scent! definitely a unique smell but I love it— I didn’t scent this cheese or anything like that because all the cheese scents I’ve found smell horrible even if i blend it with other scents😭 anyways still such an amazing & addicting snow fizz and inflates a ton too!



Customer Reviews

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Lilly Anne
Could have been better!

Don’t get me wrong this slime was good but it would stick to my hands a lot even after adding activator. I know that snow fizzes and slimes you need to add beads to have to be sticky but this one was over the top sticky! It was bad but I wouldn’t waste my money on it again.

Haley Beck
Amazing slime!

Hands down my new favorite slime texture! This was a really cool slime, it’s looks and smells just like crushed up Cheetos. The scent is so spot on and it even leaves you with a little bit of “cheesy fingers” afterward just like if u had dipped your hand in a bag of Cheetos! Lol great job with this one guys!


Love this slime super crunchy and the color is so vibrant!!! The Cheeto charm super cute and the scent kinda reminds of a Cheeto without the cheese. One of my favorites!!

victoria crabtree
My favorite slime

The scent is addicting and the bubble pops are amazing. Definitely my favorite slime so far

Amazing slime!

This slime is by all my favorite slime I got from Dope Slimes! I would recommend to get this! The scent is delicious that I almost wanted to eat it! The crunch and the color legit looks like a Cheeto puff! Stretch is fantastic and the little charm is adorable!

Gayla Strandell
This one is a fun one

I had to buy this one just because it was cheeto’s and the little bag of cheeto’s. Love the fizz slime inflates which I love but you can’t fit back in jar. A added extra jar would be great. So it don’t go to waste. This is a cute fun one.


Love this sizzle snow fizz. The charm is just ADORABLE. The scent is lovely as well!