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I play with this all the time so pretty

Arrived kind of sticky and the beads are kind of hard and sharp and hurt your hands a little bit but its beautiful and stretchy and clicky. Get the 8oz at least.


Oh yes

I would buy this slime again

This slime is literally Just The Stuff, I wish I had gotten an 8oz. Smells so good and feels so good and it’s such a fresh yummy crisp white. Yes girl.


I Am in love with this slime. Literally has a fruity smell that reminds me of my child hood!❤️ Super soft and gorgeous color. This is one of my favorite slimes!

Very Impressed

I have never ordered slime from a slime shop before, but I'm glad that I did. When the slime arrived, I was excited to play with it. It was a little sticky at first, but after activating, it was a dream to play with. Very impressed will be ordering more for sure.

Best scent and crunchiness

I love the scent and the crunchiness, but the only thing I didn’t like about it is the stickiness, otherwise this would have been a great slime overall.


This slime came a bit sticky but great 👍. It’s smells AMAZING and is so glossy and thicc 🤩🤩🤪🤪

So creamy

This slime is soooooo creamy but not a good smell for me but other then that I recommend this slime🤪🤩😋😛😝😜


This pack was great for someone new to slime to see what I liked and didn’t. But when I received it I was kinda let down. I enjoyed cherry bomber and birthday cake the most. But the cake scent was not really there at all, not sure if that was just mine or not. The cherry was great smooth and buttery and the smell was nice. I liked the fruity o’s but to me it smell like citrus which is not a bad smell. The Cotten candy one disappointed me though, I was excited to get it but when I received it the slime was chunky, wet, and didn’t smell good. Maybe it was just mine but I feel like the Cotten candy one could have done better.

By far my favorite slime!!

The scent of this slime is so good & lasts a long time. Such a bold pretty color & super fun to play with.

Definitely a new favorite.

Great scent & texture, and the charm is my favorite part!

Really Good

The autistic children I work with love the feel and smell of you slimes. Thank you for your work.

Is just as described!

Perfect scent, color, and texture. I love the feel of the slime and storage container is amazing. Thank you so much, I have recommended dopeslimes to everyone.

Good texture

Good texture and smell

Orange julius- amazing

The pops were amazing and the scent was breath taking. It wasn't power or faint it was perfect. super stretchy and soft. it doesn't drip and it stays together.It didn't take long to come and came in perfect condition. I would definitively recommend.


I really liked this slime. The texture is great and it’s sizzling is outstanding.


This slime is one of my favorites! It smells so good and has a great texture.


this was fun


this was fun to play with


My favorite ones we’re fruity O’s and birthday cake ice cream


The slime was really thick and smells really good

Not perfect

The slime didn’t look like the picture and it was really hard

Smells really good!!!!!!

The smell is perfect and the slime is really good


Is really good but it feels just like clay


This slime smells soooo good and fluffs up nicely! My new favorite slime!!