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Lychee Jelly Boba

our FIRST ever jelly cube slime -
this slime starts with a silky smooth, ultra thick yet stretchy clear base filled with boba pearls and jelly cube sponges. They give it such a unique, squishy texture and they make the best asmr too! Scented just like sweet lychee and topped with a lychee charm + comes with a boba straw.



Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Smells great!

I like this slime, I just wish there was more to it. There’s four little balls and four or five cubes.

Its amazing, but doesnt stretch

I love this slime! Its very pretty and smells really nice! The only thing really is that it was VERY sticky when i first played with it. It also doesnt stretch whatsoever, it always rips. I put a ton of lotion in it, and soaked it in warm water, but it stayed firm. I dont know if i got a bad batch or something, i ordered a different slime aswell, and it was just what i expected. Otherwise it not being stretchy, i love this slime! I would recommend it :D

Fun but sticky

This one smells so good! Comes with a cute little straw along with the charms inside the slime. However mine came in extremely sticky to the touch. That can be fixed though. I tend to pick all the stuff out and then squish it all back in lol

Adorable Slime!

I've been wanting a jelly cube slime for a while, and this one was perfect! Perfect texture and smell. You do occasionally have to add activator, but the activator it comes with takes care of it. Would def recommend.

Love it!

The lychee jelly boba has an amazing lychee smell and the jelly cubes are super satisfying. I wish that the slime came with more bobas to make it look more like a drink. Other than the boba, I love this slime!

Ashley Dominguez

This slime is amazing. It smells very good but there aren't enough boba balls in the slime. I also don't really like the foam squares I think they are very stiff. But over all the slime is really fun and pretty.

Sarah Elizabeth

This has to be one of my favorites. The smell is amazing. It’s got a great jelly like texture and I can not get enough of the square pieces in it.