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Chocolate Biscuit Cream

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 this one is inspired by the delicious chocolate biscuit candies, pocky! this DIY starts with a super glossy, milky brown slime scented just like pocky (chocolate w/ a hint of sweet bread) with a layer of our soft clay on the top to mix yourself✨ turns into a creamy slay slime texture, super squishy & soft! topped with a pocky box charm too.



Customer Reviews

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Gayla Strandell

Smells delicious......Love it! One of my most favorite. Has good pops that is what I love. I couldn’t see the layer of clay or the charm. It was in there just settled through shipping. I have played with my slimes. I have many 9 pages full. But I will put my charm at the top before I close it up. It always settles and goes to bottom. So yes this one is PERFECT.

Christopher Musgrave
Wonderful Smell

Love the chocolate smell of this slime. Excellent texture, not sticky at all. Highly recommend.

Camille Tang pringle

This was a very good slime

Sophia M.
Good slime but premixed

This was a really nice slime, however it was supposed to have a white clay top with a picky charm, but the clay and charm were in the middle and were kinda already mixed in. However the slime was perfectly fine after I mixed it thoroughly!

Aspen Smyre

I love the Pocky candy, So when I saw you posted this for sale I had to try it! The texture and the smell tie it all together!

A J.
Smells very good!

The best part about this slime is the scent, it smells just like Hello Panda! The base came sticky but the clay helped it harden up a bit. The slime inflated a bit but made my hands feel a little dry. Overall a decent slime! More lighter on the clay though.

Allecia Lowe
Smells great

I love the smell so much, So fun to mix together, Ending color is a light brown, Lowe the charm.