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ultra crunchy bingsu bead slime with the prettiest sea green color. scented just like Hawaiian fruit punch and has the best ASMR— topped with mini pearls & blue mermaid jumbo glitters✨



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Great bingsu bead slime

The stretch to the slime was amazing. I've tried others and none come close to this bingsu bead slime, the color was beautiful and the beads felt amazing when squished. The only complaint that I would say is the scent isn't for me. But that's personal preference. The scent is also strong so if you don't like strong scents then this isn't it.


when i got it i was sticky and it had hairs and it didnot come with anything it was just a blue slime so it was GROSS


My new favorite. This is a sensory delight. All around, it looks, smells, sounds & feels amazing!

Not a bit disappointed!

For a while, I've been looking for a sight that has the best slime and lowest prices and so far this was the only one I had found. When I was looking, I found other slime shops but they weren't for me. I tryed buying slime from the stores and that didn't work out. I tryed buying slimes from Amazon but that didn't work either. All the slimes I had come across were cheap and disappointing. They appeared to be good when they really weren't. They were just rip-offs. In my search for the perfect slime shop I found Dope Slimes. When I entered the site, I found that I ACTUALLY got a video of the slime and got to see how the slime was were as many other sites don't do that. I watched many slime videos and saw how satisfying the slimes were. I even sometimes watch them just for fun because they are SO SATISFYING! For a while I had been eyeing out a lot of the Bingsu slimes for the fun crackles and bubble pops! I looked across them and watched each video to see what they were like. Some of them caught my eye but not as much as this one! When I saw this slime, I saw how beautiful and satisfying it looked, also, being that it was a new one, I decided on buying this one being that I also wanted to be one of the first customers for it. After I bought it, I only had to wait a short amount of time before it came. It was said to be due on February 19th but it actually came earlier! I was very pleased being that I would get to try it out sooner. When it arrived, I tryed it out and found that it was everything I was looking for! It had the perfect stretch, perfect squish and perfect scent! The bubble pops and crackles were ENDLESS and it was very beautiful! At first I didn't really catch on to the scent but after I had been playing with it for a bit, I really started to LOVE IT! Over all, the slime was AMAZING and the packaging was very nice to😊.This is my first slime from Dope Slimes and it was not at all disappointing! 😁😘😊